About Me

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Kurina – aka Agent Knowles.

2020 was a year of change for me.  I left the Corporate world of Commercial Banking behind me, moved the family from Bristol to Somerset and launched Agent Knowles. 

Prior to having the kids (Charlie and Ava), life was pretty adventurous.  My hubby and I lived in London, Sydney, Auckland and then back to Bristol.  Whilst our world remains calm (for now), we look forward to seeing more of the world and deciding which country our next home will be in. 

I’ve spent the last 20+ years in various companies from SMEs to Corporates and the roles include PA to Directors, Events Manager, Site Leader and Recruitment Administrator (I’m excluding the stints at Burger King and Primark!).

After Ava was born, I left the Corporate world behind me so that I could return to doing what I LOVE to do and not what I HAD to do – and that is delivering high class events and supporting businesses in their journey of growth.  

With a toddler terrorising the place, spare time is limited – but when I’m lucky, I like nothing better than getting away with the hubby or the girls for some good eats and a cheeky cocktail (or two)!

The values I believe in

I develop meaningful relationships by building trust
I bring professionalism with a twist of humour
I add value and exceed expectations wherever possible
I provide positivity and never give up

Your search for reliable business support is now over

Why choose a Virtual Assistant over an employee?

Should you recruit a VA or a full/part-time employee?

A common mistake made when evaluating the use of VA is their hourly rate. With no overheads to pay – there’s no holiday, employee benefits, tax, pensions, equipment etc to factor in – unlike an employee. You’ll also only pay for the hours worked, so no water-cooler conversations and trips to the bathroom included.

VA’s not only bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to your team, but they also understand the importance of running a business. This can be invaluable if you ever need a sounding board to bounce any ideas off of.

Here’s a few other things to consider when making your decision.


Agent Knowles
£30 p/h

An Employee
£2,500+ P/M

Time To Start

Agent Knowles

An Employee
4-8 Weeks

Recruitment costs

Agent Knowles

An Employee
Time & Money


Agent Knowles
Already Trained

An Employee
May Need Training


Agent Knowles
Many Disciplines

An Employee
Usually One Discipline

Ability To Replace

Agent Knowles

An Employee
Recruitment Time